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David and/or Betty Anne Field

14 votes from 350 members seems like a low voter turnout which may
indicate a certain lack of interest by members. Is a quarum required?
This reinds of my international experience. I swam my Amphi from Canada to
USA several years ago and caused a furor at US Customs & immigration.
They wanted my I-69 permit - I told them I'd never heard of it and was
informed all boats require one if they land in USA. I argued that this
vehicle was obviously a car and that if I had crossed the border on the
ferry all I would need would be my vehicle registation & i.d. They
insisted I get the permit (now about $50.00) but had to call Albany to
find out how to handle the paper work for my strange craft. This port of
entry (Cape Vincent, NY) is very small, the only traffic being from a 13
car ferry which makes about 15 2 mile trips a day from Canada, so I guess
the officers have an easy and boring job. The response from Albany was of
unbelief that a car would arrive by water and questioned the officers as
to what substances they were smoking up there! I had to buy the permit
but gave them a photo of the Amphi to show to the disbelievers - the
entertainment was worth it. In the meantime the weather turned stormy and
I returned to Canada on the ferry.
Dave Field, Wolfe Island, ON, Canada