VIRUS Warnings!!



I have had quite a few and I'd bet your mail box is getting them too.

You get emails saying "Here's your password" or similar. The email
will have an attached zip or dat file with it. DELETE THE EMAIL
IMMEDIATELY! No website will just send you a new password without you
first requesting the info. There are some with a purported Paris
Hilton or FBI versions connection. Other e-mails purport to come from
German authorities who've caught a recipient downloading illegal
music; or the CIA, accusing the recipient of visiting illegal Web
sites. There's even a version that looks like it's an automatic
message indicating an attempted e-mail has failed, known as a "bounce."

DELETE THEM ALL!!! Be careful folks. If you don't know whom it came
from, delete it. NEVER OPEN ATTACHMENTS if you are not 200% sure of
the source.

John Bevins

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