Virus notes


Alan Wysocki

Dear Amphibians,

While the Bilgemaster's recent post probably contains
explicitly or through hyperlinks, ALL KNOWN INFORMATION
about viruses, I would like to state two things:

a) Once your computer has a virus, simply deleting the
attachment which caused it does not remove the virus from
your PC. Only dedicated antivirus software can do that.

b) My own take on Internet etiquette, is that as long as you
keep 1001 "best friends'" email addresses in your Address
Book, you should be prepared to deal with a virus promptly
once you receive one, by having antivirus software running
on your computer, or at least by disabling the features in
your software which open all attachments automatically and
hence send the virus to everyone you know.

Having a virus in every floppy and ZIP disk you own is
disgusting, not to mention the potential of bringing down
the computer systems where you work. Be prepared!

Alan Wysocki

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