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    Hi, all,

    I'm new to the list, but you all seem chatty, so I'll put my nickle's worths in.

    What can I say. I'm obsessive. I checked these three out Virus warnings.

    The first one is actually more insidious than your friend described it to be.
    Here's an excerpt from the "Data Fellows" site
    "The 'PrettyPark' (also known as 'Trojan.PSW.CHV') is an Internet worm, a
    password stealing trojan and a backdoor at the same time. It was reported to be
    widespread in Central Europe in June 1999. There was also an outbreak of this
    worm in March 2000. Several variants of Pretty Park are known. All of them have
    the same functionality, but some are packed.
    "PrettyPark spreads itself via Internet by attaching its body to e-mails as
    'PrettyPark.Exe' file. The file has the icon showing a character or the famous
    cartoon serial called South Park."

    The second one, "The Internet Flower for You, is a fake. Please ignore this hoax
    and don't pass it on.

    The third one is real. It's not so deadly, but is very fast spreading. From
    the Symantec site at
    "W95.Hybris is a worm that spreads by email as an attachment to outgoing
    emails. It was discovered in late September of 2000. Although minimum reports
    of infection were reported in October 2000, the worm started to become common in
    early Nov 2000.
    "The message may include the text "Snow White and the Seven dwarves" and the
    attachment may have one of several different names, including, but not limited
    anpo porn(.scr)
    branca de neve.scr
    enano porno.exe
    sexy virgin.scr"
    Also known as: W32.Hybris.gen, W32.Hybris.22528.dr, W32/Hybris.gen@M,

    Of course, the most dangerous virus on the List is the Need for More Horsepower.
    Okay, Triumph 1500's are not exactly Funny-car motors. But then, Amphicars have
    weak brakes, slow steering, and (How shall I put it?) rather "challenging"
    handling. An Amphi at 60mph requires more skill and concentration than an Alfa
    Romeo at 120. In this you want more horsepower?!!? A fifth gear, maybe, to
    reduce the number of piston-miles, but not to go faster.

    Well, once in a while...

    Craig Parada

    Blue 1964 (ex. Berlin, with peach & white interior)
    Since 1983, Seaworthy but always a work in progress

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