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Betty Anne and/or David Field

I agree with Gary Shulz' opinion (see below" - this would have been the
logical way to have numbered production - and Lord knows the Germans are
logical!! Therefore, what is the highest VIN we have on record? This
should give us the total number produced!
"I believe the VIN number just shows a continuous serial stream of numbers
with a one at the beginning. By that I mean that this particular car was
the 927th car produced. I don't find the argument that the 0 in front of
the 9 means that it was produced in 1960 particularly believable."
Dave Field

> Hi all, I started the DMV game yesterday. Went smooth enough until I looked
over the vin #'s. My title and car don't match... The car has a 6 digit
number in all the right places and the title has a 9 digit #. Anyone ever try
to track down a cars history from the vin #? >

Craig, perhaps the extra 3 digits are filler. That is, the Alaskan DMV
system may have required a 9 digit vin or it would reject the entry? So the
previous owner dummied up a number!? Dave Field


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