VIN vs YEAR Phase II


Allan Woodcock

Had another chat with Hugh today. He has been following some of our
back-and-forth regarding the subject of this posting. He reminded me
that a car that was registered in ?65 could have been a ?66 since the
new models came out in Sept of the prior year. I asked him about the
524 cars (XXX524XXX) and was told that they were built in Lubeck and
had the locking steering wheel and the heater above the fender. Hugh
mentioned that some Amphicars went to Venezuela via the black market.
Someday we will get to the bottom of this because Hugh has the shipping
manifests for the cars that were shipped to the US. On day we will be
able to know not only the date a car arrived but the name of the ship it
came on. Oh yes, he mentioned that in looking at some of the shipping
documents he noticed that the serials numbers had gaps in them where
they would skip 10 or so numbers.

Red ?66