Video Tapes and recovered data


John Bevins

The TNN website stated the "My Classic Car" episode would air last
Sat and Sunday at 2:30. Bzzzzzttt WRONG! So that won't be on the
tape, but I did get some footage of Dennis Gage and some guy who
collects VWs going for a swim in a Schwimmwagon (SP?). I will get the
tapes out this week.

After stressing over my lost data (MUCH more than just the Amphi
stuff) we were able to save a small part (about 20%) of it. So I have
started the arduous task of rebuilding and redrawing the schematic
and Maintenance manual. No time frame as of yet.

The weather was great this week and I have the Turbo mostly installed
on the Harley, still waiting on the body man to work my Amphi into
his schedule. Looks like I won't have her at Celina this year.