Vent Window Glass Installation


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I need to install new glass in my vent windows. The old rubber gasket holding glass into frames(looks like bicycle tube rubber) is shot. Any suggestions what to use? Didn't see anything available from Gordon Imports.


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That old "bicycle tube" rubber stuff is called friction tape. I just went to
my local glass shop and told them what I was doing and they gave me some of it
free of charge. If you have the frames off of the car, they may be so
intrigued by what you are doing that they may install the glass too!

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I stock VENT glass here in Florida and back home, it is a special tempered glass @ $ 25 each, free shipping till end of March, yes pick up stuff to install from any glass shop but don't just have glass cut as it is not tempered.
PS. it is eastern time here, The wife answered the phone at midnight last night,someone wanting brake parts,, boy was she mad!
please call between 8am and 9pm, leave message,as were out in sun!,
GORD SOUTER,352 319 6774


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That "friction tape" is some sort of special stuff that the glass shops have, in various thicknesses, and it gets activated by oil. It's very weird. I fooled with mine a few times and finally had the glass shop do it. It only took them a few minutes and they barely charged me anything. Also, if the vent glass and rear window glass is not fully set into the frame you will have trouble operating the windows. Getting the glass fully seated is a bit of a pain and even harder to redo. Take the frames to an auto glass shop.

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And while they are at the glass shop have them polish all the windows. It is amazing how much clearer the original glass becomes with their special polish and doing them in the car makes a real mess. Very cheap and well worth the effort. I have had 4 vehicles done with no issues as they new what they were doing.


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Hey Guys,

Keep it simple. Use a really good electrical tape on the edge on glass that fits into channel. Center it and fold over on both sides. You can build it up to be a tight fit usually 2 layers, then trim excess tape with a straight edge razor along the edge of frame on both sides. then fill both ends with black silicone and let dry. Super tight and perfect and clean... Easier removal down the road also...
I just finished one about 10 minutes ago and going to work on other side now..

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