Venetian Gardens Leesburg Fla. Dec 3rd 50 again

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Margie asked what I wanted for My Birthday. Not to freeze My ass off was My reply. Plus I worked on My real 50th and wanted a re-do. So this Saturday December 3rd meet in Tavares and than head to the Venetian Gardens for their large light display. Amphicars Ahoy!! Later Dave the Wave


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This Sat. in Fl. is a BIg car meet near Ocalla at Don Garlands Drag Musium. I went to it 2 years ago.It was a dull cool day but still lot of cars, usually there are 100s. Ron T. is heading there in his Amphicar along with a freind Chuck---in his 54 Metroplitan.
Gord.IMG_4030.JPG Rons red car, mine in background at Lake Griffin taken from my Park...Whish I was there.. Snowing out now here>

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