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To Bo
Strong possibility i will be visiting Sweden in May.
What will weather be like? May come up and visit if time permits.

Red 67

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Bo Strander

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Fr?n: Bo Strander [mailto:bs@akoptik.se]
Skickat: den 9 april 2003 09:50
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?mne: Insurance costs

Hello over there,
Someteimes I envy you people living on the other side of the big "pool", but
on the other hand there are some nice things about living in sweden too.
One is the insurance -costs.
As a member of a classical car club we have some very favourable rates for
cars, trucks, motorcycles etc that are of "historical interest".
The reason is that, after negotiations, one of the biggest insurance
companies agreed on dealing with all these vehicles as a separate group.
This means that we don't have to pay for the young guys with there 10 year
old horsepower tuned, turbocharged, wide wheel toys and so on.
The group of historical vehicles are only responsible for the costs within
the group. Also, all personal involved in insurance discussions has a long
history within the hobby.

My cost for my Amphi during restoration is approx: 29 USD /year. Includes
parts during restoration, even if they are at an outside work-shop, fire,
theft, vandalism and third part.

When ready the cost will increase to 44 USD/year. (Huh, have to start
Maximum value covered is 42'USD.

Have a nice day

Bo the swede