Used Amphicars


Gord Souter

. A
guy named Victor Brown lied to me after I made it
clear that the two Amphis I have do not float and I
wanted a swimming car now. He told me he had a good
running and swimming car. I drove down to find it was
rusted and could not swim. The engine sounded good but
it broke down a block from his place. I have asked him
to reimburse me for my expenses, but he has not
responded. Victor Brown is the guy that has the
floating camper and the King of Romania's Amphicar for
sale. Beware of this guy.

Thanks so much for this information. I was then considering
buying the car without seeing it and was waiting for him to e-mail me
photos. I will certainly steer clear of this guy now. He told me it was a
swimmer with very little rust!


I am always leery of someone who cuts up someone else's car with out even
seeing it which is what this guy did to me. I laughed at his message and
that that till this came up.
Now do not get names mixed up as there is another Victor in Florida with
Amphicar and he is a great guy..right Vic.
I have a 65(reg)Amphi that I am selling and it is being taken to a Action
this Sunday in Toronto
and will sell in the $23,000Can range.Now keep in mind that a fully restored
go for $45,000 or more so you get what you pay for.Cars at this price need
to be restored. the $5000 deals are long gone.what you have to look for is a
solid complete example. I have done all the basic metal work and installed
new rear lowers on this car. it runs good and water trany works but I have
not had it in the water. but it can>...I have other cars for sale to and
know of a few more.Most member know me and Know I can not lie about the
cars or it would come back and haunt me .
I need you guys to stay in business. If a US customer wants to buy any of my
cars arrangement can be made to meet at the Buffalo border, but I suggest a
look at any car before you ever buy it, and if you can take someone along
that already owns a amphi. Even I would never buy one sight unseen of E
bay! so many secrets can be covered up
Gord Souter,Canadian 4 amphs,(
L3V 6H4

MY new phone # is 1 705 327 not be afaid to call me and talk
about anything you might be looking at.I just helped Chuck R. in Mich to buy
a Amphi.

I buy, sell and restore Only Amphicars
over 700 different parts for sale.
Interior kits and fibreglass panels my specialty!

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