USAA Insurance


Steven D. Reich


Yesterday Arnold wrote as below about USAA insurance. When I got my first
Amphi two years ago, I insured it with USAA with little difficulty and was
told it was insured in water as well. A few weeks latter, I got a phone
call followed by a letter that said it was a "mistake" and that after the
six month policy ended, they would not renew. I now have Hagerty on five of
six classic cars.


'64 red (CA: AMPHICR)
'64 red (CA: I SWIM 2)
Del Mar, CA

<<Message: 10
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2002 19:18:52 -0300
From: Arnold Hite <ahite@Charleston.Net>
Subject: Insurance questions
Well, I checked my USAA insurance against the posted Hagerty's quote
in yesterday's digest of $179. I'm paying $400 a year from USAA. BUT
Hagerty's isn't available in South Carolina. Too Bad.
Arnold Hite
Johns Island, SC>>