USA, Gord

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Gord Souter in rainy Cal.
I am just leaving John,s home in San Diego going over to Steves in
Delmar.before heading up to LA,
Plan to vist Allan, Ed and of course Hugh Gordon and staff before
heading East to Pheniox Az.Hope to be there by Tus Ev.
Plan from there (may) be to head east along lower states then north
up to Ohio and back to Ont.
If you need anything from Hughs and your on my way I can drop it off
If you get him before I leave.I am always looking for interesting
places to stay the night.
and if you would like to reach me my cell is on when I am in my truck
@ 1 705 238 6603 But remewmber I am paying roaming charges etc. even
when you call me and I can't talk if in heavy trafic.