US Dollar


Gord Souter

US dollar is slipping more and more against the Canadian.
If it keeps up I will have to raise my prices again
so if you are thinking of a interior kit now is the time to get your check
in to me
I will see if I can keep it at $890 till the end of Dec.
The way my prices work in my main parts list is 15% off the price that
Gordon Imports lists.
on most parts.
That means you do not have to put up $3000 to get the discount.
but with the dropping dollar I MAY HAVE TO CHANGE THIS PROGRAM AS
beat to order now!

L3V 6H4

MY new phone # is 1 705 327 2820

I buy, sell and restore Only Amphicars
over 700 different parts for sale.
Interior kits and fibreglass panels my specialty!

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