Urgent beware.......email from you@amphicar.net



I just received yesterday an email from you@amphicar.net or something with a
similar address. By the time I had downloaded the email it had launched a
virus into MSDOS which seems a little like one of the old worm programs. Now
my laptop fan runs nearly 90% of the time, and my available space on my hard
drive has been reduced by 50%, also according to the windows task manager I
now have over 33 processes running in the background. I have virus checked my
Hard Drive but to with no luck so now I am going to have to reload everything
from my back up hard drive after rebuilding and restoring my original system.
I am using XP with all the service packs installed, so XP must be vulnerable
to this virus.

If anyone had this same problem from this seemingly innocent email address
then please let me know how you fixed it.
Paul Senior

64' Amphicar S/N 200001