The new print shop I found looks like
a winner - price is outstanding and
quality is good, but I'll leave the
final say to the members. I'll be
stuffing envelopes this coming weekend
and mailing next week so you'll have
them for next weekend's reading pleasure.

My Celina Dinner entertainment project has
taken on a life of its own... has grown
from a 10 to 15 minute gig to over a
half hour... which means it'll just be
playing in the background like elevator
muzac only visual. Some mighty cool pics
and historical goodies packed in there.
Still room for a few more photos if you have
a classic favorite Amphi pic you want added in...
snail mail or email it to me asap.

Please vote for an Amphibian of the Year
Award winner TODAY - vote early & often.

Nice to hear Dave-the-Wave and son and
Grandpa Wave will be at Celina... where
Amphicars thrive in 2005.

Be well, swim safe.

'64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA