Update on Potential New Home for Amphicar List/Digest


Mike Israel

Hi All,

Thus far, 60 persons have registered on the new site
at http://www.amphicar770.com I frequently see a
fair number of "guests" so there are probably more who
have visited but not registered. Note that there are
almost 400 users registered on the Yahoo site although
I imagine that at least 25% of them are no longer
active even as lurkers.

Of those who have registered AND voted, the leading
vote favors the new site.

84.62% prefer the new format
0% prefer the YahooGroups Format
15.38% have no preference

Do get out there and make your voice heard.

I continue to tweak and tune based on feedback from
several users. Many small things such as you can now
upload your own avatar image.

At this point, if we do move, I will likely do a test
run in mid-April. At that point I would temporarily
close off the YahooGroup to new posts and redirect
posters to the new site. Will then see how it goes.
The existing Yahoo archives will remain intact no
matter what.

So, if you have not done so already, visit our
potential new home at http://www.amphicar770.com and
let me know what you think. Please register now as
that will minimize disruption if we do move at a later

And yes, I am still waiting for someone to post some
photos from Mt. Dora in the Picture Gallery section.

Mike I.