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This is an Update to the information regarding the Lake Dora Swim-In this
year. The Antique Boat Club Festival is from Friday to Sunday March 25-27,
2011, but the main Amphicar day is Saturday March 26, 2011. The Festival is
located at Wooten Park in Tavares, 6 miles west of Mount Dora, but still
on the same Lake Dora.

Amphicar owners who are bringing an Amphicar can call, e-mail or write to
Peter, but all that is really necessary is to send via snail mail ( U.S.
Postal service ) the Owners name, number in party, address and telephone

and a check for $ 15.00 ( made out to Peter Fredsall )
The rate has changed from $35 to $40 to $50 and this year is
only $15 !

Peter Fredsall, 149 Nautical Drive, South Daytona, FL 32119

For additional information, contact Peter at _fredsalls@bellsouth.net_
or telephone: (386) 788-9211

To reserve a room at The Inn On the Green, the Host Hotel, call
Inn on the Green (800) 935-2935 - Ask for the special Amphicar Club rate
( Reserve early as the Inn On the Green does get
booked up )

For Campground information call Lake Harris Resort (800) 254-9993
or e-mail to _info@lakeharrisresort.com_
(The Campground is only 3 miles from the event