Unprecedented AYA voter turnout!



An unprecedented year for the Amphibian of
the Year Award (AYA)! I have tallied over 53
votes and that's no easy task to do when you
have but two fins and two thumbs. Its still
looking like a three way tie, give or take a
single vote here and there. So unless things
dramatically change between now and May
31st, I'm going to follow a member suggestion
and do an unprecedented Tri-Award ceremony
for the 2002 Celina Swim-In award presentation.
It's been an amazing year for us with all the
new members, local swim-in events, comradery
surpassing even the tight knit marsupial
family, and some really incredible individual
accomplishments. I'm proud to be a card
carrying member of the International Amphicar
Owners Club... best bilging club ever invented!
Also wanna give a special shout of thanks out
to our friends at Gordon Imports who graciously
donated some of the classy items that will soon
be tweaked into the very awards to which I
ramble. Thanks Jeanie & Hugh, muchas' gracias!!!

Reminder that the June 1st San Diego Swim-in
has been moved to Lake Miramar... Hey, that's
practically right in my back yard! Sweet! Any
amphibian needing directions, accommodations,
a parking place, or a complete tire rotation...
feel free to contact me off list by email at
amphipoda@yahoo.com and I'll give you my private
Amphi-phone number that rings in my private
Amphi-cave, where Mermaid and I do our amphibian
things and such...

BTW - I sent Amphi in to get remaining upholstery
work completed, and finally get that new top installed.
Gotta look good for all the visiting Amphibians.

Have fun at Dave the Waves Swim-in and everyone
be sure to give Dave & Margie a Margarita with
my name on it.

'64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA

PS - Great story Ed, all Amphi press coverage
is good, especially if you get laughs!!!
PSS - Awsome photo Al, so where did the ramp go?

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