UK Flooding pictures (Salvage Squad follow on)

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    Hmm, no idea why that previous pic didn't come through. Update, yes I do now, the file size is limited to 100k so I've had to reduce size/quality.
    Let me try and post a few pics now, most taken today. These are in the lanes around Upton upon Severn.

    The one with the "seasonal slipway" and Cameron in the car is on the way to collect his brother from school. The little red Ford was being driven by the 18 year old girl who works at the local beauty salon.... The clue was that the drivers seat was so far forward the sun visor would have come down behind her head ! And there are a bunch of soft toys floating around inside. Think she will be more careful next time and maybe read the signs - insurance - ouch !

    The side shot of Amphi shows in the background the blue flood defence barrier. It actually works and keeps the water out of the riverside pubs - very important as it can make the beer taste funny !

    David C

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    Hi David,

    Within the forums I have intentionally limited file sizes due to bandwidth costs and constraints. However, larger images, videos, etc. may be posted in the Photo Gallery area.



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