Cap''n John

I remember seeing a repair order in the Butler Supper Club car that
replaced the u-joints (1984). The repair order specified 1958 or 1959
Ford Fairlane u-joints. Maybe somebody can look up the specs and
compare. I will see if I can find that repair order to be sure.

John Bevins

PS -
The Amphicar Extraordinaire is comming along nicely. The trunk is
completed (blower/heater/wiring/fuel tank, etc.), wiring and dash
completed, top bows installed, and soon ready for drive train

I am going to replace the double lip seals and such this week, engine
goes in next week (weather permitting) I just noticed that the 2
emergency brake cables from the wheels fwd are ready to snap. Anybody
have extras?



Where can we find a cross-reference part number for U-Joints that are
used on the prop shaft assembly that may not need modifications for a
perfect fit?

Also, I have tried to disassemble the propeller drive shaft from the
shaft housing for overhaul but can't seem to get it apart. The
Amphicar maintenance manual is not very clear when telling how to do

"Drive the shaft out of the housing in the direction of the
propeller" and "While driving the shaft out, turn the shaft with one
hand to avoid the locking ring of the roller bearing inside ring from
sitting behind the rollers, and therefore preventing damaging the
roller bearing." Sounds pretty easy just reading it doesn't it?

Has anybody done this operation that will be able to help me out?

Marty & Caryl
BUOYANT in WI )))))with((( )))))vibration((((((