U-joints, etc.


Bill Connelly


I remember seeing a repair order in the Butler Supper Club car that
replaced the u-joints (1984). The repair order specified 1958 or 1959
Ford Fairlane u-joints. Maybe somebody can look up the specs and
compare. I will see if I can find that repair order to be sure.

John Bevins


Just as an addendum to the above tip concerning parts interchangability with
Ford Fairlanes that I thought I should mention in case somebody comes across
an old Fairlane in a breakers yard or somewhere, according to the old
"Universal Parts Listing" that is still at http://www.amphicar.com/uni.htm ,
those Fairlane wheels might work on an Amphi in a pinch too. The exact
wording from the listing is, "RIMS - MID 60'S FORD FAIRLANE 13" WORK BUT

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