Two thumbs .... wheels.... umm I mean, fins UP!



It would be difficult to believe that there exists a better club to
be a part of than the Amphicar club. This video sets the bar high
and certainly shows the sincerity and priorities of the fine folks
at the helm. The video shows only a fraction of the fun that is had
by all. I smiled and laughed as I watched it, remembering the
moments caught on tape. Billy and Tim both had the best splashes!

I can honestly say that before Amphi-dom, my Harley was the best
part of my time spent on this big blue marble. But now they both
share an equal place in my life. Harley people and Amphi people
share the comaraderie that few can appreciete and even fewer ever
experience. If only we could get the world to share and feel what we
feel, it surely would be a better place for all. Think of WMD
as "Wheels of Mass Dispertion" ;)

Two thumbs (or fins?) up for the prefessional and heartfelt gift
that should be the envy of all other clubs!!

John Bevins