Tunnel boots what are you using for replacements?

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What is being used for tunnel boot replacements? Gordons had reproduced them but the one I saw was more like hard plastic. Than there was the 4 inch Ferncos, once again hard and hard to install. Some are using Volvo Penta? parts. No matter what I will be needing a set of boots soon. Any other ideas or opinions? Thanks, Dave


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Hi Dave,

I used a set of Gordons new boots on the car I restored 2 years ago and they worked just fine. They also seemed about the identical softness to the originals so I'm not sure what you ran into.

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Yes, getting the first run or prototype of any new product is risky business. This is especially true of rubber items. There are so many things that have to be right.

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The Volvo penta number for a very soft and flexable boot is 875827.. they are a bit bigger in dia, than the tunnels so I go to Home Depot and buy a 4 inch pipe joiner, I cut it in two and glue onto trany and tunnel then the bellows fits perfect. I att. a photo of the part I get at Hardware, I just use the rubber inners so have these metal parts left over.


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Jacques B.

Hey Dave,

I just tried to access your site and I got a message that it expired on July 8, and is pending for renew or deletion ?

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Thanks for the heads up! Every couple of years ADDR.com reminds how fragile the computer World really is. Dave


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I had a set of true NOS (never used or they are not NOS) and they were significantly more pliable than the reproductions from Hugh that I saw. Being less pliable concerns me as they could be more prone to getting even harder and cracking over time. Like the original props, they should be pliable to account for movement or impact so they resist failure instead of being too fragile and cracking. Whatever you use should be of a material that will not degrade in the heat or when soaked in oil/grease. I would check with the manufacturer of the plumbing pieces to see if the material can withstand petrolium products before betting my car or my passengers lives on them. The part has to do more than look the part, it has to be up to the task an be safe.

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The car had what I think is the Volvo Penta boot with no collar and it was loose. This car had some issues and lots of heat and oil and the volvo boot seemed a bit soft. Not bad bad but .... I did get a set of Gordon boots. They are softer/pliable than the first ones I saw. They are made with different diameters and can only go on one way. I never noticed that on originals. Only time will tell but way better than old patched boots, ferncos and duct tape. We both have insurance so no worries!!
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