trunk cover repair weld or glue the skin


Hi there,

I have remove the skin of my trunk cover by drilling out the spot welds and repaired it . After sandblasting I have put 2 k epoxy primer on it .So far everything went good.
But know i am wondering what to do , spot welding everything back or glue it back together.
Normale I prefer welds but the epoxy is burned off again and then the rust will kick in very soon.
With glue no heat so no damage to paint or primer.
Anybody done this with glue????


I have used 3m 8115 to glue many body panels in place on many vehicles. You have to do it on bare metal though. Mating surfaces must be prepared with 80 grit to give it a good tooth. Then you prime afterwards. No adhesive I know of will work well over primer, it needs bare metal. And it will release over 450f, so right above the muffler might not be ideal. I'd strip it again, then spot weld it, then epoxy prime it. You'll have a hard time spot welding through epoxy primer.

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