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Trivia Question Winner!


Paul Lalewicz

I wish to thank all the members for their answers and comments
concerning 007 and the Amphicar! I must award as winner (subject to
confirmation) our esteemed member, the Bilgemaster for the first,
believable answer. Your prize is yet to be determined.

For confirmation, I have contacted the world famous, Alexander
Brauchle of Bond Collectibles in Germany. I have offered him
cash, and he is frantically searching the archives and cutting room
floor sweepings to prove or disprove what can only now be known as
Bilgemaster Theory!

To see the variety of Bond collectibles now available, go to:


Warning: Elder male Amphi owners may wish to double up their blood
pressure medication prior to viewing the Bond Girls & Actresses
section of this website. You have been warned!


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