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Hello all, Im restoring my white car and have a set of body trim I would like to
sell. It is the head and tail and fin trim. It needs straightening and polishing
but is decent. Let me know: . Thank you, Mark 62 white
Dexter, Mich. 734 426 2374
> From: "Robert Vondracek" <>
> Date: 2005/03/02 Wed AM 01:56:42 EST
> To: "Amphicar Lovers" <>
> Subject: [amphicar-lovers] Amphi in Mexico

Couldn't believe it! Our vacation had to be interrupted by another "Search

and Rescue" attempt. But the salt water had taken this one to it's early

grave. I prayed, but it turned out to be hopeless (unless the price comes

way down). The tranny and motor looked good, but considering the location, a

big gamble. The Mexican who owned it was a blast! He became my buddy, and

hopefully he will contact me when he decides to sell it for what it is

worth. Not much

I have two other good car prospects, so I should have a car available soon.

My used and new parts list has grown substantially with my purchase of lots

of Amphi stuff from an enthusiast just before I left about a week ago. I've

now got the parts that many of you have told me you are looking for "priced

right". Contact me off line for info.

Robert "Red Fish" Vondracek




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