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I got a pair of Gordons rubber tunnel boots in. Has any one installed these? Was sealing difficult? Later Dave the Wave

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Sealing Tunnel boots is always a tough job.
repairs done to metal are tough and seeing it clamped properly is difficult
I like to take 2 days to install. Day 1 put bellows on with some silicone and let seal, day 2 put on clamps. use mirror to check
Water test with no seat in after any bellows work to make sure job is 100%
Many years ago I took a car in without checking, in a gator infested river in FL.As we came out I hear the water sloshing and looked underneath to see it pouring out of the shafts.. Boy was I lucky!
Volvo Penta makes a slightly larger bellow(part # in my Parts List)
that is very flexable and easy to install.


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Has anyone invented a boot that could be put around the original boot without taking the axles out?
This would be a great double-redundency system in case the original failed.
Ken Oakdale, MN



If your looking for a back-up boot you could use a larger inner tube clamped over the top of the existing boot if you don't care about what it looks like back there. There is not much room left for clamps but think it'd work. I'd go one step further and install a water alarm sensor between the two to then know something has happened to the primary boot.

Just an idea.