Transmission Seals


Arnold Hite


I've done this several times now. It can be done without too much
knuckle bashing but I do remember spending about an hour getting one
troublesome seal out. After cussing and pulling every tool out of my
tool box, my son came home from school. He reached in there with a
hammer and hooked the seal with the claw of the hammer and pried it out.
I believe I posted this technique a couple of years ago.

Arnold Hite

>Message: 9
> Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2002 20:49:14 -0400
> From: "Bill Connelly" <>
>Subject: Re: transmission AXLE seal replacement
>Hello all, I was trying to search the archives to find the best way
>to replace the axel seals at the transmission and I had no luck. Has
>anyone done this while the tranny was still in the car and was is the
>best way to do this without busting too many knuckles. Thanks in
>advance. Keith
>There's a lot (157 postings) to wade through, but much of it is sort of
>relevant anyhow, if you'll be poking around down there anyhow.