Transmission question - Gord? Dave? Others?

Jon March

After pressing in 4 new propdrive stub-shaft bearings, one of the stub-shafts was so hard to get back in that it was binding the new race - so i took it to a shop to carefully "lap" to make it slide into the bearing easier. But i think he went a little too far, because now is has the slightest "play".

The other stub shaft is still a bit too tight and doesnt want to spin very freely... and also seems to have a "thump" or bump in one spot when turning it.

In addition - after replacing the needle bearings on the intermediate drive gears, one spins really free....and one doesnt.

I was thinking i should buy new bearings, and maybe new stub axles, and bring (or send) the tranny to someone who is really a master. ...I want to make sure this is "right" while i have it out before putting it all back in the car.
(see parts list below)

Take a look -

Prop drive stub-shaft:


Bearings for above

Left intermediate gear wheel
Right intermediate gear wheel

Needle bearings for above
(2) per gear

Circlips for above
A 25 x 1,2
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