Transmission noise update


Congrata on the new trans. Does it shift to all gears smoothly? How about
down shifting? Let me know I think many would be interested.
Tim Wick


Fellow amphibians,
I spent Friday afternoon changing the transmission. I did it by
removing the back seat in about 4 1/2 hours. The NOS transmission
from Gordons is as quiet as a mouse. In short, its as good as the old
one was bad. My wife and I drove it down to Olympia on Saturday,
about 70 miles, and swam it in Lake St Clair. This is a fairly small
lake very much suited for a Amphicar. My mother in law directed me
around from house to house to show it off to all of her friends. I
pointed out to her that her picture was being taken more that day
than it had been on the day she got married.
I ran into one problem that may explain the breaking of plastic
generator pullys. I had my generator rebilt shortly after buying the
car and it has sat on the shelf for 7 years. In that time the grease
had dried out leaving the rear bushing without lubrication. When the
rear bushing wears and the generator gets hot it will rub the
armature against the field magnets and cause excessive drag on, and
heat to the pully causing failure. The soultion is a new bushing and
a metal pully.
The best part of the Amphicar is the looks on peoples faces as you
drive in and out of the water. Were having lots of fun with it now.
Bill Capron