Transmission Fun


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Piece of cake I thought as I tear down the tranny. Three trips to harbor freight and to add to it I discover a brocken case. Finally she is all apart. Bearings a lot worse then I thought.
Luckily I bought that alum mig welder attachment ten years ago that I never used. Got the case all welded.
Sand Plast and powder coat the cases. Looks great.
Now time for assembly. I should of took more pictures!!
I get the reverse gear in and press in a few bearings. Install differential. This is easy.
Now its time to load the pinion gear and shaft. Easy. Get all them pesty gears on the pinion shaft. Installed!
Then it's time to guess at which shifting rod goes in what hole in the thin alum plate that separates the land and water portion. Look at the diagram. Install. Get the plate down and go to install the three "F" fingers. Can't do it because they hit each other. So I put the shifting rods in the wrong holes. Time to start over.
Get it all back together again and got the three "F" fingers on. Progress!!
Bolt on more stuff.
Now it's time to add them round balls and springs. So I say " What are these egg shaped balls in the box of parts? Oh yeah, They go between the shifting rods" Keeps you from being in two gears at once. No way to get the egg shaped balls in with the shifting rods installed. Guess what! They need to go in before the shifting rods installed!!! Time to tear it apart.
Now try hundred times to get them in while all them gears are on the pinion shaft inside the tranny case. Can't do it.
Finally I figure you need to assemble everything outside of the case and carefully drop it in. Success.
Get the water gears on. Easy.
Time to install nut that holds on a gear to the shaft that goes to the crank. The treads are messed up. I can't imagine how that happened??Another trip to harbor freight for a mm tap set. Clean the nut up but can't get the tap on the shaft. Clean treads with dremil tool. Success.
Does this ramble makes sense to anybody that ever got one of these tranny together.

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