Transmission fluid levels

I checked my Land and Water transmission levels today on an Amphi I have had for 2 months using my dipstick from Dave. Land was fine, fluid at exact level it should be at, clean and no sign of water. Water transmission level was about an inch over what it should be at on dipstick! It too was clean like it had been changed yesterday and had no sign of any water intrusion, but why would it be so high? Someone filled without knowing what they were doing??

Jon March

Hey Jack - good question - But its certainly possible someone may have overfilled. Might have been a "rough guess" top off!


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Interesting enough, while driving the oil migration goes from the land transmission up to the water transmission if the oil seal is damaged.

Water first penetrates the land transmission.
Ok, so if it came from land trans into water trans making water trans level so high, then land trans fluid level should be low. But it’s not.


Hi John
The good thing is your keeping an eye on the levels. My gearbox levels are the opposite of yours. My levels flow from the water tranny to the land tranny. Water side is always low and land is over full. My land tranny only has one access hole on side. Early car #78. So I remove the plug on the side and oil flows out until the level is even with plug hole. I top off water tranny and I'm good to go. Some day I will replace the seal between the two. Until then I will continue to drain and top off. Hope to catch up this summer.