Transmission bearings and gaskets



I have disassembled one of my Amphicar transmissions in preperation
for rebuilding and reinstalling in my red car. I did not have much
hope for this gearbox as it had been "tossed" in the back of the blue
car when I bought it and had lots of blue silicone at the sealing
surfaces. It also would not shift or turn at the input shaft. Upon
dissassembly it's in remarkably good shape. all the gears and
bearings EXCEPT for 2-16-29 look very good and will clean up and be
reused. Questions, 1) is there a redily availabe replacement for 2-16-
29? I could clean the slight rust off the race with steel wool but my
past experience is that it would not last very long. 2) I think the
main reason that this transmission was so tight to turn is the blue
silicone sealer instead of gaskets. The transmission clearences look
like the thickness of the gasket is what gives proper clearance. Any
Bill Capron
Blue '64 swimmer
Red '62 in progress