Trans Bearing, Defense of Hugh


Dave Derer

I dont know about Scotts bearing. Hugh does have a replacement bearing.
As in almost all over the counter parts, the reasearch and trial kills
huge amounts of time. Also Hughs replacement has been used and tested.
I was glad that he or his trans rebuilder came up with it. On some
things I dont mind paying for some one elses trials and errors. The
125.00 seems cheap compared with taking apart a trans installing and
testing unknown part replacements. This is an important part as are
others yet found. Finding bizzare parts replacements should be rewarded.
If no reward what is the point of spending many ,many hours looking for
the other parts we will soon need? Later Dave the Wave

Now find me that heavy duty cast throw out bearing that used to be
And new molded vynil interior front wheel hump covers,
and springs to hold release ring on clutch cover,
and rear reflectors,
and 200 watt cd players with white push buttons that fit factory hole,
and wide white wall tires for 20 bucks each and on and on and on, :)