Trannsmission tear-apart


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I must've been smarter 20 years ago when I last did this.
I'm trying to separate the water tranny from the land tranny.
I have the cover removed & the double gear selector fork off.
Now I'm trying to take the nut off of the main shaft.
I have the tranny out of the car & on my bench.
Since the gear & shaft spin freely, what's the easiest way to remove the nut.
I hesistate to use a pipe wrench on the splined end, or jamming a screwdriver in to hold it.
The Maintenance book page 2/9 #4 says
"Remove the top & bottom selector forks. By removing these the 4-speed box will be blocked. Unscrew & remove the driving shaft nut"
What exactly does that mean??
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Removing the nut is easy, its whats next that is hard,,
After flatening the lock tab, use a air gun(not air ratchet) and burp nut of in reg removal direction.(the big one on lower gears is oppoist direction.)It will come off with only minor holding of gear.
But to get gear off you need a budy usually.. 2 pry bars under it. nut back on till flush with tread top,, large brass punch. 1 " thick,, 1 good solid hit while pring and it may come free....
punch out 3 steel shaft from behind will help getting in there easyer.
remove the 4 allan head bolts( number 6?) and 2 14mm head bolts and now unit should come off.
count the gaskets on all pieces as you remove them as this is how trany is shimmed.
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