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  1. Doug Parsons

    Doug Parsons Guest

    go to marc schlemmers web page you can get there through
    then club members. He has pictures and the ultimate way to trailer
    the car using tire harnesses from j.c.whitney. I am ultimatly going
    this way once my new trailer comes in but for now i use a flat bed
    and secure with straps around the axles and have not had a problem
    make sure you use a strap with substantial ratings they are available
    at sams wholesale club(seems to be the chepest place I have found
    them) and get the yellow ones. Nothing worse than seeing and amphi on
    the side of the road fallen off the trailer.

  2. ray handloser

    Be sure to load it backwards. It will save your windshield from
    stones & other types of debris that the tow vehicle can throw up. I
    lost a windshield from loading the Amphicar face first. I'll never
    load it face first again. I also use wheel straps only. I've towed
    an Amphicar from Michigan to California & never had a bit of trouble.
    Ray '67 Red

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