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Betty Anne and/or David Field

Hi Ed;
Glad to read you are still enjoying the car. What improvements/repairs
have you made? I sure miss the car especially now that spring has arrived.
When trailering the car I tied it down by running straps over each tire -
you can buy special wheel straps from a auto supply dealer. This way the
car's suspension (what little it has!) takes the bumps. I also installed
removable chocks (made from small pieces of 2x6 lumber built up to 7") on
the trailer deck in front of the front wheels and behind the rear wheels to
prevent the car from rolling back and forth and to position the car
correctly for a safe load. I located the front chocks so that 10% of the
gross trailer/amphi weight (in my case 325lbs) was at the car hitch. I did
this by putting a block on my bathroom scales and sitting the trailer's
ball socket on the block when the car was on the trailer then carefully
rolling the car foreward/back (make sure amphi is attached to trailer winch
when doing this and rear of trailer is supported to prevent a sudden shift
in weight and serious accident) until the load was balanced and located the
chocks for this position. The front chocks can be left on the trailer
permanently if you don't use for another car but the rear ones must be
installed and removed when loading/unloading trailer.
For additional safety I attached the cable from the winch at the front of
the trailer to the towing hook under the bow and kept it snug. I also ran
a line around the rear bumpers to the trailer deck.
If you want more info give me a call. I probably have a photo of the
loaded car which shows the above arrangement. Dave