Trailer from Ohio to DC?


Bill Connelly

Folks who follow this List may recall that I finally got myself a car
trailer from a fellow in Ohio a couple of weeks ago via eBay. The trailer
is now in southwestern Ohio, where Doug Parsons was kind enough to take
delivery of it, and even have some necessary mods done to it to accomodate
the Amphi's narrow-footed stance. (Thanks Doug!). The idea was that I would
rent one of those U-Haul car transporters for the trip north towards Celina
in a couple of weeks, swing on by Doug's on the way, swap trailers and then
roll off happily to the Big Swim-In, Billy and Randy's Put-in-Bay Gathering
just after that, and then to a cabin in the Adirondacks on Long Lake...You
know: "An Amphibian Family Vacation".

The problem now is that our buddies at U-Haul will only rent me a trailer
for a 4-day minimum, despite the fact that I only need it for just the one
day, and they want to charge me about 70% of what I paid to BUY my own
trailer, just to USE theirs for a day...$440. With cash tight enough as it
is in the face of a three-week road trip, this just seems wasteful. So now
my dilemna is akin to that old logic problem where you're at a river with a
canoe with space for just one thing besides yourself, and you have to
transfer a goat, a cabbage and a wolf to the other side. You can't leave
the cabbage alone with the goat or he'll eat it, nor would the wolf hesitate
to gobble up the goat if left unattended (for a visual example see ): I
have to get my Amphicar, van, family and all our crap to southern Ohio, but
I can only drive one vehicle at a time. The wife has only been driving
about a year, so she's not at all comfortable with the idea of piloting that
big lumbering van behind me for 10-12 hours to our trailer. While I'm not
concerned that she and the kids might eat the Amphicar while I went north
with the van to return with it and the trailer to get them and the Amphi and
the crap and return north, obviously that's a pretty long haul there and bac

So anyhow, before I slavishly follow the laws of logic and trek north with
the van to pick up the trailer and haul it all the way home, just to turn
around and head right back in the same direction, I thought I should ask if
there might be anyone who might just be travelling roughly southeast from or
via Ohio towards anywhere closer to the Washington, DC area over the next
week or so who might be able to bring an empty trailer with a 2" hitch along
with them. If so, please drop me a line off-list at