top frame

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David Derer

I will bet one ice cold beverage to be served at Celina that the problem
with Tommys top frame is it was repaired WRONG the first time. The front
header bow is at wrong angle. I'll bet that cold beverage is that in its
past it cracked like most do then welded together incorrectly. Another
spot is that pivot point over rear window. Hugh has sheet with the easy
to do repair. A slight bend in side bar is not some back woods repair.
If you need to bend inches out then it is clear that the frame is
wacked. I think this might be a good repair for newsletter. Most cars
suffer from some form of this. The reality is the frames are of poor
quality almost made as an after thought. The tops shrink and then the
frames get bent and broken by forcing them to lock in up position. Later
Dave the Wave