Too many stories...


Marty & Caryl

400 miles from our house to Celina and that's not driving thru
Chicago. This year's swim was the best ever and as always it was
excellent to see old and new friends. The more years we attend the
more friends we have and it's so hard to get all the smart talk and
stories in with that fast Celina clock ticking. The group of
individuals that did all the work (you know who you are) did another
tremendous job putting this thing together for us all, they should
all get raises in their next check. The weekend flew by so fast that
we found our bilge was empty when we got home. Too many stories and
not enough time. I can't wait till our photos are finished.
We'd like to recommend the Casa Rodriguez Mexican Restaurant to
everybody; they have true Mexican food, which is as good as we've had
anywhere. They were able to seat over 20 of us unannounced on
Saturday afternoon and kept smiling and made us feel right at home.
Doug, just so you know, Kelsey & I acquired your large cone for her
bedroom decor but Caryl & Cailin made us bring it back.
Marty & Caryl
'64 Fjord Green