Too cool


Dave Derer

Wow a full moon week end. The river looked friggin awesome. The steam
gently rising, the full bright moon shining brightly against the smooth
water. Hank Williams Jr. playing in my mind "All My rowdy friends are
coming over tonight". The ones who come out to play will have a minimum
of 17 miles of near perfect river, sunshine, highs of 70, and plenty of
i.c.b's. Some of the most picturesque roads to cruise on too. Yea baby
we bees rockin' soon. Later Dave the Rockin on The Rock Wave. Over and
out till Sunday......................Ready NOW!!!!!!!!!!Yellow is a
factory color. Hans (in a vision) always wanted yellow Amphis , more
horsepower , dual carbs, crankin stereo and gaudy chrome ; apparently
bean counters said no. If you are reading this you are not loading your
trailer! He he he ha ha ha