To those not attending Celina 2001...

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    To those not attending Celina 2001...
    To Al H., John B., Paul L., Mike I.,
    Mark R., Mermaid and ALL others who can't
    make it to Celina this year I wish
    you all the very best in your endeavors.
    We in attendance will surely drink to
    your honor and to the countless others
    we've know over the millennia. I for
    one hope each of you are already
    planning your accent to the next annual
    swim-in (at Celina or where ever). With
    the ever increasing hoard of web toed
    wonders gracing our club and the throngs
    of on-lookers who marvel at our Amphis,
    I'm confident each year will surpass
    the prior year and therefore 2002 will
    be an event not to be missed. Someday
    Amphis will take over the entire earth
    and swim-ins will become so common they
    aren't even noticed. Til then of course
    there will be a tremendous deluge of
    Celina 2001 stories and pictures to
    hold us all over until the next annual
    event. So until then, my fin finned friends
    and amphibious amigos, I bid you all well
    and please remember to stop your wheels
    before engaging those propellers.

    Amphipoda (Celina bound)
    `64 Turquoise (staying at home)
    San Diego, CA
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