To the folks in California



I hope that everybody and their homes are safe from the fires. - JB


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I hope that everybody and their homes are safe from the fires. - JB

Funny, but I was just about to mention our local weather. For almost two weeks,
it's been incredibly hot, over 100F each day. Yesterday, we had a bunch of fires
break out. The main fire has now burned to about 1.5 miles from me (my location
is quite safe), and I can see burning homes and hillsides by standing in my
front yard. I hosted a couple of friends (and their pets, all except their
horse) who had to evacuate their homes yesterday, and they don't know if they
still have anything to go back to.

Although I'm in an urbanized area, many of the San Diego Amphibians have much
worse exposure than me. Some of those burning homes are on the hillside above
Steve Reich, and Amphipoda is in an area that was real close to yesterday
afternoon's fire sweep to the sea.

There's been such thick smoke that you can't see the sun by day, and starting a
few hours ago, we're getting ash falling as thick as snow. Must be over an inch
on the ground now. We haven't lost electrical power, but water pressure has been
down quite a bit.

There's still a lot of back country that hasn't burned, and the Santa Ana winds
are starting up just about now. Looks like another bad fire day. Most of San
Diego county is shut down; schools, most businesses, all non-essentials.

El Cajon
67 Rust Guppy

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