To Mike Irael


Randy Tusone

Hi Mike,

Thank you very much for this message. I couldn't
believe what I was reading. thank you for taking the
appropriate steps to stop this nasty, racist, horrid
discussion. Being female, I found it extremely


--- Mike Israel <> wrote:
> Mike,
> As you sit on your couch spouting your drivel I am
> deployed at Fort Dix we we are acting as a center of
> operations for many of the Federal Agencies
> involved.
> Very few of the people I have met arebeer swizzling,
> gay-bashing, right wing fanatics. There are as many
> women as men. These are the people placing their
> own
> lives in danger. Just remember, Tim McVeigh was
> just
> the sort of person that you seem to hold in such
> high
> esteem.
> The toughest, most well respected 1st Sergeant I
> ever
> met in 15 years is a female. For years she served
> as
> a weapons instructor to not only the Army but was so
> good that the FBI and other agencies utilized her to
> train their agents. What have you volunteered to do
> during this crisis?
> That being said, I will remind you of the terms of
> service of this list. The purpose is to discuss
> Amphicars. Thus, this discussion has come to a
> close.
> If not, I will simply delete all of these
> non-Amphicar related posts from the list, will ban
> users as needed, and can even turn on features so
> that
> all message have to be aproved by myself before they
> are posted.
> Mike Israel
> 65 Amphi (white)
> --- Mike Dixon <> wrote:
> >
> > You may not want a debate but you got one.
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