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    Ahoy Amphi Wanna-be,
    I hear Steve R. has already contacted you
    about a ride this coming weekend in San Diego.
    I'd off as well, but my Amphi has some bearing
    issues I must address. However I plan to join
    in the fun with you guys and so we will meet.
    I showed Steve some of the ins-&-outs of Amphi
    before he took the "plunge"... now her owns 2
    Amphis! If I can help in any way please feel
    free to ask - if I don't know the answer I'll
    find out or make up something clever.

    '64 Turquoise
    Sandy Eggo, CA
  2. David Lyell

    David Lyell Guest

    Yes, Steve has graciously contacted me for a ride this weekend. You guys
    are a great group. I post a message Sunday asking if anyone could drag
    me along, and Monday, I already receive an offer.

    Looking forward to the fun and education.

    David Lyell
    -not an Amphicar owner...yet.

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