To Dave da Wave & Bilgemaster :

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To Dave da Wave & Bilgemaster :

Dave: Are you referring to the rear ending Amphi
and I received last year? There was a happy ending -
guilty party paid CASH (over $2.2K) for the 3 to 5 mph
impact to my Amphi's pooper. As for the repairs?
well once the water soluble cheery flavored paste
dissolved, I listened to the wisdom of a well known
amphibian (frog) and used "Gluvit? Gluvit? Gluvit?"
Amphi is once again leak free, but likes to carry a few
gallons of water for strategic bilging purposes. Moral
of the story - Anyone driving behind Amphi using a
cell phone gets a free bilge water bath.

Bilgemaster: Once again you have surpassed my Amphi's
expectations with amphibious historical facts and figures.
I'm sure everyone on the board who read your novella on
the history of Amphi influences in Indianapolis 500 racing
is in awe. In fact, Amphi and & I were so moved by your
words that we cheered and did tequila shots every time the
race car driver Billy Boat passed another racer. Thanks
Bilgemaster, your are indeed the king of archives.

'64 Turquoise
Foggy Muggy Cloudy San Diego, CA

PS - Someone help that Stan Curts dude get an Amphi!!!
I like the way he thinks.