To cheer you Americans up - $10 gallon gas in the UK.


Amphicar Expert
Looks like we will have another government tax increase next week that will
push the price of Petrol (Gasoline) here in the UK to over £5 a gallon -
that's $10 US.

We also have a tax increase in October that will mean it will cost me $50 a
day just to drive in to central London (and at least the same again to park
for a few hours).

You guys would love the London Congestion Charge. The mayor of London "Red
Ken" Livingstone hates cars and has setup a system of cameras around the
edge of the city and they automatically charge you every time you drive in
to the city on a weekday. When this was setup a couple of years ago it was
described as a "congestion charge" to encourage use of public transport and
was a $10 flat rate for all cars but now it's more about vehicle emissions
and you are charged based on the quantity of CO2 the vehicle produces but
limits are low so my Volvo estate is classed as a "gas guzzler".

Of course London sits on the River Thames so what happens if you drive in to
the city by Amphicar ? Well if you stay on the river then there is no
charge but if you use one of the slipways in the city and are then seen by
one of the hundreds of cameras then you pay the charge.

Happy Motoring !

David C
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