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David Derer

Sometimes a car is purchased with only the title signed and not dated.
Usually this is no problem. At some point title is transfered. Well I
just happened to have a Illinois title that was last issued in 1973.
Luckily for Me I got the DMV person that is smart and helpfull. I hand
over antique title. She asks what I paid, I answer nothing?. She Says
The State of Illinois when they get one of these old titles; they assume
AGAINST the taxpayer, that it is a fine running antique car and is taxed
at what ever "book" rate they have. So if You pay the 25 dollar used car
tax,the State fines You late fees plus what ever they want! She told Me
some bad stories. I took pic of BW3 and attached it to My tax form.
That should prove its value. Later Dave the Wave
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