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    Another couple of options you might have:

    There are a handful of companies in the US who specialize in supplying car
    titles for vehicles
    that, for whatever reason, do not have one. I have never dealt with these firms
    myself. Maybe
    someone else on the list could comment if they have had experience. I have run
    into them at
    some of the major car shows. They appear to be on the level and not doing
    anything illegal.
    I also have seen advertisements for them in some publications. They say they
    can supply a
    title for a vehicle in a couple weeks for around $125. I believe you supply
    your original VIN.

    Or ... you could just sell me your Amphi and then I'd have the problem!

    Good Luck,

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    Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2000 22:47:26 -0500
    From: Mike <m5076@interlynx.net>
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    To all fellow ducks: I reside in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. Two years
    ago I purchased a 1962 Amphicar from a deceased estate in Quebec, where
    it was used on a private lake. I was promised the ownership/title but
    have never received one, the deceased family cannot find any papers for

    the Amphicar. I contacted the Quebec MOT/DOT, they have no record of
    this car ever being registered and are unable to help me. My delemna is

    trying to acquire an ownership in my name, our local MOT/DOT in Ontario
    shows an Amphicar as an "off road" vehicle, I have sent them photo's and

    plate numbers of other Amphicar's but according to their computers,
    effective this year the word "Amphicar" only applies for off road use.
    Apparently if the car is already registered your okay and the
    grandfather law applies. I cannot apply for a lost ownership because
    there is no record of this car being registered. I seem to have only
    two recourses, #1 to apply for a homebuilt or hot rod ownership. This
    will get me on the road but will greatly devalue the vehicle, #2 is to
    find a used ownership and I.D. plate. This is okay but my vehicle only
    has 5,000 original miles and if I ever go to sell it, the new ownership
    may show a higher mileage and I will lose that way.

    Any suggestions, or is there any fellow members with a low mileage
    ownership and a I. D. plate for sale?

    Mike Smith
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    I wish to thank Michael Echemann, John Bevins & all other members that
    sent me the e-mail address of Hollywood Titles and instructions on how
    to obtain a new title/ownership.


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